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Welcome to the Bright and Alive website! Based in The Netherlands Bright and Alive has been created as a Telecare, Telehealth and Senior Care products and services provider who currently specializes in the Home Health Monitoring industry serving select areas in Europe.

Bright and Alive associates with both public and private Healthcare Networks to establish continuity between select Clients and Providers as a liaison for the delivery of both products and services. Our goals are to; a. identify the needs of our Clients and the level of services they need, b.identify the local and/or regional providers capable of delivering the products and services our clints need and c. assist in the Faciilitation of the product and service delivery to our clients in direct association with the provider and/or as an indirect management entity in oversight.

Bright and Alive has a well established network of “providers” that offer a diversity of licensed and non-licensed Healthcare products and Services. We selectively grow this Healthcare Network through a diligent pre-screening process that ensures reliable deliverability to our clients. In addition Bright and Alive is working to establish a regional footprint in areas under-served by sophisticated Healthcare Networks in an ongoing effort to bring Healthcare Products and Services to areas which have an immediate need.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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